Alexa Artificial Intelligence

What’s next with Alexa

Speech recognition. The biggest challenge algorithms that can learn with small amount of data instead of huge amounts of data. Something in the human better in abstraction.

Speech recognition will be a commodity, no difference between Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Home, etc.


Alexa can recognize our voice.

Alexa and Screen give some value.

Alexa AWS Azure C# No SQL

Building Scalable Serverless Apps in the Cloud with .NET: Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure ?

Here are the slides of my presentation at South Florida Code Camp 2018 on February 10th, 2018.

Recently released toolsets for AWS Lambda and Azure Functions are finally making “serverless” application development available to C# developers. Join me to explore the different features and development process of an Alexa Skill with .NET using the most popular serverless cloud technologies in the market: AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, AWS Dynamo DB and Azure CosmosDB. We’ll compare the development experience and features of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud Platforms.

Scalable Serverless Apps