Power BI

Power BI for the Enterprise

Power BI for the Enterprise presentation by Hector Villafuerte at the Power BI Fest – South Florida 2019.

This talk provides attendees with insights on important aspects of implementing Power BI Service at organizations of all sizes. It empowers business users with the knowledge to establish a symbiotic and productive relationship with IT departments. This partnership makes it possible to effectively run an efficient data driven organization and departments; meanwhile, being compliant with data governance, security and other requirements.

– The presentation covers business and technical aspects on major topics; such as:

  • Data Governance (IT and Business perspectives)
  • Security
  • Version/Source control
  • Deployment
  • Data Pipelines

In a time where data privacy and breaches are a major concern, this session outlines important practices to business and technical users; making it a must see session.

Event Date: November 16, 2019 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Nova Southeastern University
Main Campus – Davie
3301 College Avenue
Davie, FL 33314